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Driver Log Entry

Federal regulations regarding driver logs are strict, detailed, and comprehensive. From the distance covered to the numbers of hours of driving and vehicle performance parameters, everything has to be recorded in log books or on the log software. This is a record of not just the driver's work, but also the vehicle's performance. This has been put into place to ensure the safety of drivers and the optimal performance of the vehicle. The driver logs ensure that drivers are not overworked and vehicles are properly maintained. This can help reduce the percentage of vehicle accidents due to human errors such as exhaustion or due to vehicle errors that could be avoided. All of these factors have been taken into consideration by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The timely maintenance of accurate driver logs helps in ensuring that these safety standards are followed meticulously. Driver log records have also been standardized by the Federal Government with the inclusion of 'graph grids' that help to show crucial details regarding the driver's work hours at a glance.

Vee Move captures the data from driver log records and processes this data in a customized manner for different client requirements. This is achieved using state-of-the-art software for data capturing. Data verification is also done and the data converted into the electronic format, making it easier to access for all.