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Freight Bill Auditing

Freight bill auditing is an important step after the processing of bills and payments to carriers are completed. It is done to ensure the accuracy of the carrier's charges.

Vee Move ensures that all your freight bills are audited quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Our clients benefit from the experience of our team of auditors who analyze the bills meticulously and minutely. They compare the bill amount to the client's contractual obligations and if any discrepancy arises, an amount is recommended for payment. This helps resolve issues without escalating to the next level.

If there are any bills that exceed the pre-determined amount, they are audited again to ensure accuracy. We have state-of-the-art in-house software that provides the necessary technological support that complements our auditor's expertise. Detailed reports are generated which is then sent to the client. This helps our clients settle claims by directly filing for a refund with the carriers.

Vee Move's expertise in freight bill auditing has significantly helped to reduce revenue losses due to inaccurate billing.