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Freight Bill Processing

Freight bills are documents that contain the details as well as terms and conditions for each shipment. These bills are complex transactions issued by carriers which require a great deal of resources for processing. Typically, businesses spend a lot of time and money in the processing of these freight bills, all of which can be better utilized for other business processes. Vee Move takes the hassle of freight bill processing out of your hands, delivering cost effective and quick results.

Vee Move has the infrastructure and manpower required to take care of every aspect of freight bill processing, no matter how complex it may be. This includes conversion of manual freight bill processing to automated ones and EDI invoice submissions.

The Vee Move process is meticulous in ensuring that all the relevant data is collected from suppliers and clients, matched to and integrated with the system in order to provide information that is valuable for making critical decisions in real time.

Vee Move processes freight bills in a customized manner according to each client's requirements. We capture all the important details that are on the bill, generate analysis and reports, and adjudicate the bills. From the stage of receipt to the stage of payments, Vee Move stays up to date with each step to deliver a very efficient output. We help clients migrate to EDI for even more efficient freight bill processing.