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Freight & Cargo Bill of Lading Processing

Both shippers and transportation companies are aware of the importance of the bill of lading which is a document or contract of carriage or receipt for the terms of contract under which freight is transported from one point to another at a specified rate. It is crucial for scheduling shipments, recording them, as well as for input of EDI transactions for carriers.

There are three key stakeholders in the entire bill of lading cycle, which is the consignee (customer), the shipper, and the carrier. Most of the time, the bill of lading is altered in some way or form by the shipper for the convenience of scheduling the shipment, unloading it, etc., and in order to customize it for the consignee and carrier. In order for all these stakeholders to have access to accurate information relevant to process the goods, it is important that the bill of lading is processed in a streamlined and standardized manner.

This is what Vee Move brings its considerable expertise and experience into. By standardizing the bill of lading according to specific guidelines, Vee Move helps to optimize the accuracy of the bill while cutting down on processing timelines. This benefits all the stakeholders.

Vee Move takes care of end-to-end freight & cargo bill of lading processing that includes receipt of bills, bill verification, and comparing it to purchase authorizations.

With Vee Move, you can rest assured that your freight & cargo bill of lading processing is in safe hands!