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Freight & Cargo Invoice Processing

For vendors who utilize freight and cargo carriers, accurate and timely freight and cargo invoice processing goes a long way in identifying the exact position of the wares as well as the status of his accounts receivables.

An efficient invoice management system also helps provide a superior customer experience while significantly saving money and time. It also helps to streamline business processes which lead to better management in the long run.

Vee Move provides both freight and cargo invoice processing for vendors internationally. We have a team of data processing experts, software programmers, and software analysts who are at hand to provide ongoing support to businesses, leaving them free to focus on core business areas.

We deliver end-to-end invoice processing and back-end transactions that range from:

  • Receipt and consolidation of invoices
  • Verification of invoices
  • Purchase authorization comparisons
  • Submission of invoices
  • Payments/remittance

When you entrust your freight & cargo invoice processing to Vee Move, you get state-of-the-art software, both in-house and third party, that guarantees the highest levels of accuracy, quality, and speed in processing. We ensure that all output is compatible with different ERP systems such as SAP and others. We use high-tech data recognition software to access invoices. We ready your invoices in an electronic format for entry into your accounts payables system.

No matter what the volume or complexity of invoices to be processed, Vee Move guarantees quality processing with the highest accuracy and quickest turnaround time.