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Ocean Freight Auditing

Auditing of ocean freight invoices is essential to ensuring accurate payments. Vee Move provides highly specialized ocean freight audits for global clients. This ensures that the freight rates were billed or paid according to the contracts entered into with the ocean carriers, minimizing any loss of revenue due to errors in payment.

Contracts with ocean carriers always have a high risk of error due to the various factors that have to be calculated. Added to this are the surcharges that are added that can differ according to time and place. The complexity of these charges, along with the high volume of invoices that are generated on a daily basis by the ocean carriers, can lead to differences or errors in billing. This can lead to a huge discrepancy and loss of revenue over the course of time for shippers, who don't have the resources or time to meticulously analyze each and every invoice.

Vee Move has a specialized team which has in-depth knowledge of contract management, international shipping trade, etc. They meticulously analyze each and every ocean freight invoice, comparing it to the original agreements with carriers. In the case of any errors or overcharges, they send detailed reports to the client that helps them not only claim refunds from the carriers, but get the refunds quickly.

Vee Move also conducts ocean freight audits for up to three years of previous shipments, depending on local regulations pertaining to claims processing. This can help shippers get retrospective refunds which can be a huge revenue booster.