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Tracking & Tracing Status Updates

Vee Move offers comprehensive tracking and tracing services for cargo tracking for the truck logistics industry. Today, cargo tracking by road is achieved using GPS and other high-tech tracking software. By outsourcing cargo tracking and tracing to Vee Move, businesses are able to better optimize their resources, i.e., their trucks. The idle time between shipments can be considerably reduced and thus, more revenue generated, by efficient cargo tracking and tracing.

Vee Move has a team of tracking and tracing executives who use GPS positioning and other high-tech software to keep track of trucks on the road. They are also in touch with drivers and help to allocate free trucks without any time wastage. Our team is trained in US geography and in the management of a wide variety of logistical problems. They ensure that the trucks are directed to the exact shipper's address. They also update the data on the client's website in real time which helps to keep clients in the loop about cargo whereabouts.

Vee Move's tracking and tracing expertise helps reduce manual checks, reduce logistic expenses, save time, and increase revenue significantly.

Vee Move provides comprehensive tracking of status updates for cargo that helps to keep clients and carriers on the same page with regards to the position of cargo.

This is done by a team of experts that are dedicated to tracking status updates. They collect the necessary data after verifying the status of the goods, such as location, expected time and date of arrival, schedule changes, etc.

The team updates the status on the client's platform which gives the client easy access to the information without having to spend valuable time and resources tracking it themselves.

Vee Move's process for tracking status updates benefits importers, freight forwarders, and shippers to know the status of consignments.